When Time IS Money
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When Time IS Money

06.10.23 04:25 PM By Mallory K LLC

Kar Dual Galactic Adventures Mini Series: Part 1 of 3

Written By Artist: CCW.Kin163

Once upon a star in the bustling city of Chronoville, time was more than a measurement, it was a tangible form of currency. In this peculiar metropolis, everyone's wristwatch held a unique power—it could store and trade time.

Meet Abayomi, a young man working tirelessly in the heart of Chronoville. He had always lived paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. Every morning, he would wake up, glance at his nearly empty wristwatch, and rush off to work.

One day, while waiting for the train to his office, Abayomi struck up a conversation with a stranger named Cataleya. She had a gleaming wristwatch that seemed to brim with time. They spoke about life in Chronoville, where the wealthy 1% possessed endless time, while those less fortunate barely had enough to get by.

Cataleya, sensing Abayomi's desperation, made him an offer. She opened the back of her wristwatch, revealing a tiny hourglass filled with shimmering golden sand—the currency of Chronoville. "I can give you some of my time," she said, "but remember, time is money."

Abayomi hesitated. He had heard tales of people who traded away their time and ended up in a cycle of debt, unable to buy it back. But his need was pressing, and Cataleya's offer seemed like a lifeline. Reluctantly, he agreed to take a small amount of her time.

As the days passed, Abayomi's life improved dramatically. He no longer had to rush to work, and he even found time for leisure. He explored the city, read books, and rekindled old hobbies. But with every borrowed minute, he felt the weight of his debt increasing.

One evening, as Abayomi and Cataleya sat in a park, he asked her about the consequences of borrowing time. She explained that there were interest rates, and if he couldn't repay in time, the collectors would come. Abayomi began to worry about his growing debt and decided it was time to return what he had borrowed.

Cataleya nodded understandingly, and they made their way to the Babylon Bank, a towering building where time transactions occurred. Abayomi handed Cataleya back the borrowed time, and he watched as the sand flowed back into her hourglass. He felt a sense of relief, but he knew he had to change his life to avoid falling into the same trap again.

With newfound determination, Abayomi started to become more conscious of his time. It took him years of discipline and dedication, but he finally became debt-free.

On a frigid, December, winter evening at Chronoville’s local park, Abayomi, excited to catch-up with his friendly stranger, invited Cataleya and her two younger sisters to watch the moon and wait for a comet. As Cataleya reached into her backpack, looking for binoculars, she noticed Abayomi’s finger pointing above her head. A sudden, radiant burst of baby blue light illuminated the shadowed sky. Cataleya and her sisters gasped in astonishment as a massive, gleaming spacecraft descended from the heavens. The craft, setted gently in an open field across from the park’s forest. This vehicle was unlike anything they had ever seen in real life, perhaps in a movie or on a television screen but never in this form, with family, in this version of reality. 

Gliding down the vehicle, a group of ethereal beings known as The Monaseraf, visiting from a neighboring star in the Kar Dual galaxy, introduce themselves to the wide-eyed humans. The Monaseraf radiated an otherworldly wisdom, approaching Abayomi, Cataleya, and her sisters with compassion in their spectral eyes. These celestial beings were masters of time and seekers of peace, and they had sensed the self-destructive trajectory that Abayomi and Cataleya’s planet was following. Earth was destined for nuclear warfare, a weakening magnetic field and loss of electrical power. Earth’s grid was unstable. Earth’s leaders were incompetent.

The human species was divided against itself.

The Monaseraf explained to Abayomi and Cataleya that they had arrived because help was wanted. 

They answered the Call from The Children. 

They gave Earth a new name, Velatropa 24.3, and packaged 21 Seals of Authority into a single crystal locked inside the circuitry of Abayomi’s phone. 

In the crystal, they encoded 13 messages of art for all citizens of Velatropa to recall and remember.

The Monaseraf, with skin like opalescent moonlight and majestic wings that glistened with the colors of the cosmos, shared their wisdom of time and the purpose of money. They spoke of a universe where time flowed freely, where money was measured not in minutes and hours, but in the bonds of love, the pursuit of knowledge, and the health and vitality of all living beings, including The Planet.

Abayomi, Cataleya, and her sisters listened in awe; their perspectives shifting as they absorbed The Monaseraf's intelligence. Before the extraterrestrial beings departed, they left behind two gifts—the cellular crystal for Abayomi and the holofractal hourglass for Cataleya, both serving as symbols of peace, culture and art as paths to unify the collective human species.

With these two gifts, humanity could jump from one timeline to another, avoiding nuclear disaster and a future of darkness. 


They could strengthen their planet’s magnetic field and follow the trajectory of the parallel Earth, Velatropa 24.3. 

In the wake of this extraordinary encounter, Abayomi and Cataleya hurried to share their experience with their families and fellow citizens of Chronoville; each family vowing to embark on the mission to reshape their society. They dismantled the Babylon Bank and abolished the concept of time as clocks. The holofractal hourglass became a beacon of unity and enlightenment, a reminder of the day the Chronoville citizens transcended the limitations of clocks and money.

Chronoville transformed from a financial metropolis to a celestial city, where the pursuit of happiness and knowledge took precedence over material wealth. The main priority: precious moments with loved ones and laughing with friends. Human society flourished for the next 2,749 years, in a newfound era of equality, art, intelligence and interstellar life.

The Monaseraf's visit had changed not only the fate of Chronoville but the destiny of Earth itself. 

Abayomi no longer yearned for borrowed time. 

He learned the true value of time—how to cherish it and spend it with loved ones. He often met Cataleya in the same park where they first talked, near that same forest where they met The Visitors from The Sky. 

Abayomi and Cataleya became close friends. 

Cataleya, too, had learned her lesson and now used her time to follow her dreams and help others in need.

Abayomi realized that in a world where time was money, the most valuable form of time was time spent with those you cared about and doing work that made you feel alive. As he looked at his wrist, he remembered the day when he threw his watch into the river and watched his clock float away, whirling and gliding with the rhythms of the waves.


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