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Mallory K LLC
Discovering Boundless Potential
  • Cost-Effective Marketing That Grows With You 

    Mallory K LLC was established to provide support to emerging artists, start-ups, small businesses, and nonprofits by offering cost-effective marketing services and serving as a committed partner in their growth journey. 
  • Creative Solutions

    We bring innovative thinking to the conversation, addressing complex challenges with imaginative and practical approaches. By combining creativity with strategic insights, we develop customized solutions that drive business growth and help customers adapt to evolving industry landscapes.
  • Content Creations

    We develop engaging and compelling materials tailored to our client needs. Our team of creative professionals produces high-quality written, visual, and multimedia content that not only captures attention but also conveys brand messaging effectively.
  • Business Intelligence

    We utilize analytical tools and methodologies to transform data into valuable information. By uncovering patterns, identifying opportunities, communicating trends, and providing evidence-based recommendations, we make informed decisions that drive success in an increasingly data-driven world.

Budget Friendly a La Carte Products

Prices listed below are the starting costs for each item. Our marketing and branding collateral are visually appealing and informative to help promote your business and build brand awareness. 


Grant Writing Services: $300+ per application

Professional grant proposal writing and submission services.

Grant Research and Identification: $150+ per comprehensive search            
Identify relevant grant opportunities for the client's specific needs.

Grant Management and Reporting: $300+ per grant
Assistance with managing and reporting on grants once awarded.

Fundraising Strategy Development: $200+ per strategy
Customized fundraising strategy creation to achieve financial goals.

Crowdfunding Campaign Management:  Contact for pricing
Plan, launch, and manage crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Sponsorship Package Development: $150 per event     
Create sponsorship packages for businesses and individuals interested in supporting the client's initiatives.

Fundraising Event Planning: $150+ per event
Full-service event planning for fundraising galas, auctions, and charity events.

Planned Giving Programs: $500+ per program
Develop and implement strategies for legacy giving and bequests.

Annual Fundraising Campaigns: $350+ per campaign
Plan and execute annual fundraising campaigns to secure recurring donations.

Membership Program Development: $500+ per program
Create and manage membership programs to generate consistent revenue.

Diversification Strategy Consulting: $80+ per consultation
Consult on strategies to diversify revenue streams, such as product sales or services.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: $80+ per report  
Develop metrics and reports to demonstrate the impact of funds raised.

Fundraising Workshops and Training: $150+ per session
Conduct workshops and training sessions for staff and volunteers on effective fundraising techniques.


Business Strategy: $600+ per report

Development of a business strategy.

Market Research and Analysis: $300+ per report

Research to identify market opportunities, trends, and competition.

Branding and Identity Development: $500+ per brand

Designing or rebranding a brand identity.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: $600+ per strategic plan

Developing marketing and sales plans, including digital marketing strategies.

Product/Service Launch Planning: $600+ per item

Strategic planning for launching new products or services.

Business Process Optimization: $600+ per plan

Streamlining and improving business processes for efficiency.

Business Coaching and Mentorship: $150+ session

Providing guidance and mentorship for business owners and leaders.

Employee Training and Development: $300+ program

Training programs for staff and leadership development.

Website Design: $200+ per site
Design of websites or landing pages.

Competitor Analysis: $300+ analysis

In-depth analysis of competitors and their strategies.

Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching: $150+ engagement

Coaching for effective public speaking and presentations.

Content Writing and Copywriting: $50+ per project
Writing articles, blog posts, press releases, and website copy.

Graphic Design and Layout: $100+ per design
Design and layout services for publications, including brochures, flyers, and magazines.
Editing and Proofreading: $0.02 per word
Professional editing and proofreading of written content.

Content Marketing Strategy: $150+ per strategy
Developing content marketing strategies to reach the target audience.

Social Media Content Creation: $20+ per post
Creation of social media content, including posts and graphics.

Newsletter Production: $100+ per newsletter
Design and creation of newsletters for email marketing.

Audio and Video Content Creation: $100+ per project
Recording and editing audio or video content for podcasts or video publications.

Infographics and Data Visualization: $50+ per infographic
Design of visual content for publications, including infographics.

Web Content Management: $100+ per month
Management of website content, including updates and maintenance.
        Custom Training Manuals: $150+ per manual

        Online Courses: $300+ per course

        Training Videos: $100+ per video

        Workshop Materials: $200+ per material

        E-Learning Modules: $500+ per module

        Webinars: $100+ per webinar

        Training Workbooks: $100+ per workbook

        Training Seminars: $200+ per seminar

        Training Assessments: $150+ per assessment

        Onsite Training: $350+ per training

        Training Presentation Design: $100+ per presentation

        Training Material Updates and Maintenance: $150+ per project

        Interactive Quizzes and Assessments: $100+ per activity

        Learning Management System (LMS) Setup: $500+ per setup

        Custom Infographics: $50+ per infographic

        Training Material Branding: $150+ per material

        Training Material Consultation: $150+ per consultation
    Event Planning and Coordination: $300+ per event
    Planning, budgeting, and execution.

    Event Marketing and Promotion: $300+ per event
    Promotional services to raise awareness and drive attendance for events.

    Event Website Development: $350+ per event
    Design and development of event-specific websites or landing pages.

    Event Branding and Signage: $50+ per material
    Design and production of event signage, banners, and branding materials.

    Event Evaluation and Feedback Analysis: $300+ per website
    Post-event assessment and analysis of attendee feedback.

    Social Media Promotion: $150+ per month
    Managing social media accounts and promotion leading up to and during events.
    Social Media Strategy Development: $300+ per strategy
    Creation of a comprehensive social media strategy.

    Social Media Account Setup: $50+ per platform
    Creation and setup of social media accounts on various platforms.

    Content Creation and Curation: $150+ per month
    Development and curation of engaging social media content

    Social Media Posting and Scheduling: $100+ per month
    Regular posting and scheduling of content on social media platforms.

    Community Management: $100+ per month
    Engagement with the audience, responding to comments, and managing community interactions.

    Social Media Analytics and Reporting: $100+ month
    Regular reporting on social media performance and analytics.

    Social Media Audits: $150+ per month
    In-depth analysis of existing social media accounts and strategies.

    Social Media Training: $60+ per workshop
    Training sessions for clients on effective social media management.

    Social Media Contests and Giveaways: $100+ per event
    Planning and execution of social media contests or giveaways.

    Hashtag Strategy: $100+ per strategy
    Development of customized hashtag strategies for improved reach.

    Social Media Artwork and Graphics: $100+ per set
    Design of visual assets, such as banners and profile images.

    Social Media Trend Analysis: $80+ per month
    Regular analysis of social media trends and emerging topics.

    Comprehensive Packaged Services


    Branding and Positioning

    We help you define and develop your unique brand identity and positioning. This includes creating a impactful mission statement, designing a visually appealing logo, and developing consistent messaging that resonates with your target audience.

    Digital Marketing and Online Presence

    We assist implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that can increase visibility in online searches. Additionally, we can manage social media accounts, create engaging content, and run targeted online advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience.

    Fundraising, Grants and Campaigns

    We strategize and execute fundraising campaigns. We identify the most effective channels and tactics, such as direct mail, email marketing, social media campaigns, or crowdfunding platforms. We also assist in creating storytelling content and leveraging various marketing tools to maximize donor engagement and contributions.

    Community and Engagement

    We help you connect with your local community. This may involve organizing events, partnering with local businesses or influencers, and leveraging social media to raise awareness about your organization’s cause and activities. We also assist in building relationships with potential donors, sponsors, or volunteers through targeted outreach efforts.

    Impact and Measurement Reporting

    We assist in tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact and effectiveness of your programs and campaigns. We can generate comprehensive reports that showcase your organization's achievements, which can be useful for attracting donors, sponsors, and grants.

    Strategic Partnership

    We help you identify and establish strategic partnerships with other organizations, businesses, or individuals in your area. Collaborative efforts can increase your reach, pool resources, and create mutually beneficial relationships.


    Brand Development

    We assist in developing a strong and cohesive brand identity for your business. This includes creating an attractive logo, designing visual elements, and brand messaging that resonates with the target audience.

    Strategic Marketing and Planning

    We help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and target market. We will conduct market research, analyze competitors, and identify the most effective marketing channels to reach the target audience. 

    Content Creations

    We assist in creating high-quality content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and newsletters that educate and engage your target audience. 

    Digital Marketing and Online Presence

    We optimize your website for better user experience, implement effective SEO strategies to improve search engine rankings, and manage social media platforms to engage with customers and increase brand awareness. We also run online advertising campaigns to attract new customers.

    Customer Relationship Management

    We help implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track customer interactions, manage databases, and personalize marketing campaigns. We also develop strategies to nurture customer loyalty and increase customer retention.

    Measurement and Analytics

    We set up measurement tools, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide regular reports and insights to for your business. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and continually improve their marketing efforts.


    Personal Branding

    We assist in defining your unique identity, creating an attractive visual and verbal brand, and designing a consistent message that resonates with your target audience. We help artists develop a distinct style and voice that sets them apart from others in their field.

    Online Presence and Portfolio Development

    We help artists build a professional website, create a visually appealing portfolio, and optimize their online platforms for better visibility and discoverability. We also provide guidance on using social media effectively to engage with fans and promote your art.

    Strategic Marketing and Campaigns

    We help artists identify their target market, analyze the competition, and develop personalized marketing campaigns. We assist in selecting the right marketing channels, such as social media, exhibitions, collaborations, or online marketplaces, to promote your work effectively.

    Content Creation and Promotion

    We assist in creating high-quality content that showcases your work, such as videos, blog posts, behind-the-scenes footage, or tutorials. We also help you distribute and promote your content through various channels, maximizing reach and impact.

    Networking and Collaborations

    We help you identify potential collaborators, curators, galleries, or influencers who can expand your reach and exposure. We also assist in organizing events, exhibitions, or workshops to connect with fellow artists and industry professionals.

    Performance Tracking and Analytics

    We set up measurement tools, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide regular reports and insights. We analyze data on website traffic, social media engagement, or sales conversions to help you make informed decisions and optimize your marketing efforts.


    Community Engagement Strategies

    Develop comprehensive community engagement strategies that foster dialogue, interaction, and collaboration between you and your residents, ensuring transparent and open communication.

    Public Relations and Reputation Management

    Manage your public image and reputation through strategic public relations campaigns, crisis management, and media relations to maintain a positive public perception.

    Marketing Campaigns

    Create and execute marketing campaigns to specific municipal initiatives, programs, or events to effectively communicate your benefits and engage the community.

    Data Analytics and Insights

    Provide data analysis services to generate actionable insights from your data, enabling evidence-based decision-making and resource allocation.

    Sustainable Development Initiatives

    Assist you in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness by implementing green marketing strategies, fostering eco-friendly practices, and engaging with your community on sustainability efforts.

    Communication and Outreach Programs

    Design and manage outreach programs that utilize a combination of digital and traditional channels to disseminate important information, updates, and announcements to residents, stakeholders, and businesses within your municipality.



    Be A Client.

    As a client, we provide you with dedicated support in streamlining your communication systems, generating valuable insights, and unlocking new opportunities for growth. 


    Be a Client-Partner.

    As a client-partner, we work together to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that align with your vision, ensuring that your product or service reaches the right audience. 

    Highlighted Projects