Mallory K Inc.
Discovering Boundless Potential
Mallory K Inc.
Mallory K Inc.
Discovering Boundless Potential


There’s more to you than what you’re representing. Let’s discover together how to activate it.

Discover How with MKi

Move Through the Illusions

of what appears to be your current situation.

Expand Your Capacity to Influence

It starts with the TBL-Triple-Bottom Line. You may have been taught to only focus on profits and earnings potential but this is only a single-bottom line perspective. Take your economic variables, social variables and environmental variables. Add those numbers together. Your business is either at a loss or a gain. 

Discover Your Boundless Potential

Grow your company exponentially by involving multiple perspectives of doing business, multiple methods of earning profits, and multiple ways of building teams.

Choose Holistic Marketing

A business is a single entity.  Holistic marketing views business as a unified organism, similar to nature. It treats marketing channels as a single system with a psychological influence on consumers. By aligning all departments with the Triple-Bottom-Line, it fosters symbiosis between the business and its environment.

Move Beyond Just "Sustainability"

We’ve heard that word a thousand times. This is the old way of doing due diligence as environmental stewards. It’s time for a new way of working to heal the planet. 

Are you a business-owner who feels like you’re doing everything but…

  • Desiring to do more than just grow your business? 
  • Working in your business NOT on your business?
  • Building a legacy for your family?
  • Craving to develop livingspaces and structures? 
  • Wanting to live more with nature?

Whole-Systems Focused

Like a tree that protects its birds and the mycelium bringing water from its roots, we are whole-systems-focused, sheltering, strengthening, communicating, and holding each other together.

Core Services

Whole-Systems Integration


Sync your internal departments with your external partners and stakeholders.

Business Intelligence Insights


Sync your everyday data into actionable tasks to measure performance and surpass your goals.  

Streamline Siloed Communications


Sync your information silos into data-driven decisions for all-round brand salience.

You’ve Found 

Your New Partners

The MKi Team | Mallory K Inc (MKi) is a boutique holistic marketing and professional services company who partners with small businesses and non-profit organizations.


Chief Executive Officer
  • Over a decade of business development and project management
  • Bachelor’s in civil engineering
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • LEED Green Associate


Chief Information Officer
  • 8 years of experience as a finance and systems-science professional
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting                          
  • 4 years of experience with vigesimal mathematics, multidimensional matrices and fractal harmonics
MKi was founded between the cross-sections of the Memphis, TN Metro and Mississippi Delta. We go beyond traditional tactics and embraces a comprehensive approach that considers branding, customer experience, social responsibility, and relationship building. 

Choose Your Next Step

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Learn and Practice How to Integrate Whole-Systems While Building a Legacy

Increase Your Knowledge and Network with Others

Our Extended Partners

Continue your growth with our extended partners.

Germane Learning
They provide solid support, relevant resources and simple systems to help hardworking mompreneurs grow out of spinning their wheels in the mud and into sales mastery, financial freedom, and personal fulfilment.
Family Biz Builder
They ignite potential through mentorship and education, transforming at-risk youth into confident, college and career-ready individuals. Their unique approach combines personal development with academic excellence, fostering a community where every child has the support they need to succeed.