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  • MK Cares Initiatives

    The goal of the Mallory K LLC, MK Cares Initiatives is to generate and redistribute funds. We use money to motivate action that increases positive change. We reinforce the power of families, building stronger people and fortifying communities as we create new opportunities to develop the next-generation of Thought-Leaders and Positive Change-Makers.

  • Pets, Friends and Kin Readathon 

    Next Round: March 2, 2024

    We welcome you to a literary adventure - the Pets, friends and Kin Readathon Challenge!  

    This event invites participants from all corners of the world to dive into a 24-Hour reading marathon.  Whether you are a bookworm, a volunteer, a school, or a non-profit organization, this challenge is your opportunity to fundraise, win exciting prizes and become part of a community of avid readers.