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Discovering Boundless Potential
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    Integrated Whole-Systems Online Learning| Invest in Your Family and Discover Boundless Potential

    Through family-oriented, multi-cultural and multi-aged learning labs and educational initiatives, we strive to assist families and individuals to discover boundless potential and improve their quality of life. 

Learn About Our Learning Labs

The Web 2.0 Business Lab

The Web 2.0 Business Lab delivers courses that offer new digital tools and methods for business owners, managers and employees, to strengthen organizational bonds, boost group dynamics, refine thinking skills, nurture financial development, and gain insights into the powers of symbiosis and synchronization. 

The Literacy Lab

The Literacy Lab delivers courses that offer new tools and scientific methods to equip parents, with children aged 0-17, to strengthen family bonds, boost group literacy, refine life skills, nurture character development, and gain insights into the power of reading. 

Parents are empowered with knowledge, recognizing when and how their child can make the jump from reader to thinker to builder to leader.  

Discover our online courses.

By enrolling in our courses, you will have access to guided material, a digital workbook, video lessons, fun drills and opportunities to earn rewards in our MK Lifestyles Rewards Store. 

15+ Cues | The Holistic Marketing Playbook Course

This course encourages participants to think holistically, not to divide and isolate. Moving beyond traditional marketing methods that model scarcity for generating profits and retaining customers and clients, our curriculum models abundance, symbiosis and serious play for brand rejuvenation and ecological health.

B is for Bad, F is for Failure | The Science of Reading and Why Words Matter Course

Go from a disempowered novice to a self-empowered authority, using advanced knowledge and a new science for mastering every emotional dynamic you may encounter in your everyday life.

Play The EEP Dilemma

Test your skills in persuasion and check the pulse of your business in our latest MK Learning Labs and Data Studio release: The Web 2.0 Holistic Marketing Playbook Preview,A Marketer's Role in the Triple Bottom Line.