Family Biz Builder's Influence on Mississippi Youth and Families
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Family Biz Builder's Influence on Mississippi Youth and Families

27.09.23 07:17 AM By Mallory K LLC

One of many success stories with an opportunity for you to contribute to the cause

Educational Challenges in Mississippi
Mississippi has grappled with low literacy rates and educational challenges throughout its history. For decades, the state faced significant disparities in access to quality education, especially for marginalized communities. This struggle was evident in youth education and development.

Historically, Mississippi consistently ranked among the states with the lowest literacy rates in the nation. In 2013, it was even ranked as the second-worst state for fourth-grade reading. These low literacy rates were not isolated issues; they had far-reaching consequences affecting the state's youth, families, and communities.

Children faced hindered educational growth, often resulting in lowered self-esteem and behavioral challenges. Families experienced financial instability and decreased engagement with the educational system due to the lack of accessible resources and opportunities. This, in turn, had a ripple effect on communities, leading to compromised communication, operational inefficiencies, and poor customer interactions in businesses.

However, Mississippi's educational landscape began to shift in a positive direction over the years. Efforts were made to address these deep-seated issues, and by 2022, the state had made significant progress, climbing to the 21st spot in fourth-grade reading rankings.

Yet, the work is far from complete. Within communities like Tunica County, Coahoma County, and Desoto County, the struggle with low literacy rates persists. It's a challenge that demands ongoing commitment and support from organizations like Family Biz Builder (FBB). FBB's comprehensive youth development programs, including literacy and education initiatives, sports and fitness training, and career readiness opportunities, have played a crucial role in addressing these issues and empowering the youth.

Through a combination of historical context and dedicated efforts, Mississippi is gradually unlocking a brighter future for its youth. The journey towards improved literacy and education continues, with the goal of creating a more literate, resilient, and thriving community for generations to come.

Meet Devin
Devin is a bright 10-year-old 4th grader with boundless potential. He's a participant in FBB's Sports & Fitness NJTL Tennis Program. Devin's story is a testament to the transformative power of education and community support. When Devin first came to FBB, he was quiet, shy, and timid. His self-esteem was low, and he faced behavioral challenges in school. The shadow of low literacy loomed over him, impacting his academic progress and overall well-being. Devin's journey with FBB has been nothing short of remarkable. Through FBB's various programs, he discovered the joy of playing tennis  and a path towards personal growth:

Building Confidence: Devin gradually shed his shyness and embraced self-confidence. He found his voice and learned to express his thoughts and opinions.
  • Life Skills: Beyond the tennis court, Devin acquired essential life skills that are invaluable for personal development. These skills included effective communication, leadership qualities, and good sportsmanship.
  • Academic Improvement: Devin's grades improved as he gained confidence and motivation through his experiences at FBB.
  • Learning Tennis: Alongside his personal development, Devin also learned to play tennis, discovering a passion for a sport that fosters discipline, focus, and physical fitness.

Family Biz Builder (FBB)
FBB is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting youth in Mississippi's Tunica County, Coahoma County, and Desoto County. They offer a diverse array of programs that cater to the holistic development of their community members:
  • Literacy and Education: A youth development training program that teaches remedial reading skills, language arts, and math using online educational software, interactive character development, and life skills.
  • Sports and Fitness NJTL: Provides on-the-court tennis and education. NJTL stands for National Junior Tennis & Learning, connecting education with the game of tennis.
  • Career Readiness: Offers personalized online training in English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing, ACT, and SAT tests.

Your Donation Matters
When you support FBB, you're investing in futures like Devin's. Your contribution goes beyond financial support; it's a commitment to building a stronger and prosperous community. 

FBB's 2024 impact goals are the following:
  • Improve reading and math skills in 50 youth.
  • Develop character and life skills in 60 youth.
  • Improve ACT Scores in 30 youth.
  • Empower 50 parents to assist their children.

Join Us for Family Biz Builder's 7th Annual Community Luncheon:

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Tunica National Golf & Tennis Center, 1 Champion Lane, Robinsonville, MS 38664

This event is an opportunity, it's A CALL TO ACTION. It's an opportunity for individuals and businesses to stand with FBB in a united front against the plague of low literacy in our communities. By joining, you're supporting young individuals like Devin on their journey throughout life.

Be the Change: Your investment of $125 for a seat or $1,000.00 for a sponsorship table, will make an immediate difference in countless lives.  If you will not be able to attend, your donation still goes a long way.

For further information or to donate, please contact:

Peggie Henderson, Executive Director
Family Biz Builder |Phone: 662-671-8688 | Email:


Mallory Bailey-Finkley, Co-Founder
Mallory K LLC | Phone: 662.382.4084 | Email:

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