SHIELDS UP! 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Energy Field During a Geomagnetic Storm
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SHIELDS UP! 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Energy Field During a Geomagnetic Storm

01.12.23 03:47 AM By Mallory K LLC

Author: JOTH

How do you counteract destructive frequencies from cosmic rays, solar flares and uncontrollable electron bursts during high-energy geomagnetic storms?

It’s very simple. 

Use the fifth force.

According to Cosmic Science, there are five forces in nature and five colors in quantum chromodynamics.

· Weak Force (W) or the color White

· Strong Force (S) or the color Blue

· Gravitational Force (G) or the color Yellow

· Electromagnetic Force (E) or the color Red

· 5th Force (The number 5, the thought-spin nucleus) or the color Green

Mainstream physics ignores the fifth force and applies the Big BANG.

Pleiadean physics accepts the fifth force and applies the Big RANG.

What is the fifth force?

The fifth force is the root force of atomic/galactic spin, also known as the power of thought.

Contrary to what you may have been taught in your high-school science classes, energy is not outside of you. You are energy. Your instinct to think is your ability to self-generate and recirculate energy.

Self-generated energy is electricity but electricity is a second-dimensional emanation of a higher-dimensional spiritual fluid.

How is electricity created?

It depends on if it’s wired with metal, wireless with thoughts or quantified with partons.

Wired electricity requires…



and metal.

Cosmic electricity requires…


holomind circuits 

and metal.

How does electricity move?

It depends on how it’s measured.

If it uses Maxwellian circuits, it moves in wires. If it uses holomind perceivers, it moves with air.

What are holomind perceivers?

A group of minds, resonating at 441 hz, using fifth force matrices to transfer interstellar information, as a single Holomind Perceiver (HMP).

What makes electricity intelligent, able to move from one location to another, and able to know when it attracts and when it repels?

What’s the difference between electrical fields and magnetic fields?

Does electricity flow with electrons or does it flow with any fluid?

Does magnetism flow with protons or does it flow with any metal?

It depends on if your electricity is wired and Maxwellian, cosmic and Pleiadean or solar and Velatropan.

Pleiadeans, Antarians, Arcturians, Sirians and Velatropans use hypercubic partons and five mathematical matrices of the Holomind Perceiver to speak and think. The perceiver is a biotelepathic, holographic nanochip, an extra-sensory organ, located in the corpus callosum. This organ creates the seventh sense, thought-energy flowing via the 6 +1 heptocubic mental spheres, the electroneural celestial circuitry imprinted in the fractal fissures of human brains.

HOLOMIND PERCEIVER: A Mirror Reflection, front is back — left is right.

image source: 13 Moon Star Traveler’s Almanac of Synchronicity

Terra-Gaians use electrons, computer circuitry and artificial brains to communicate and think.

Electrons are evolved forms of the primary electrical particle, the primordial parton, in resonance with 441-thoughts.

Cosmic electricity consists of flows of partons interacting with biomagnetic radial plasmas and potentiated numbers.

Terra-Gaians are terrestrial humans with a minimum of 7 bioelectric chakras.

Velatropans are cosmic humans with 7 radial plasmas and 4 hyperplasmas.

In Summary, The Power of 5

Geomagnetism is geobiology.

You are a cosmic human: a bioelectrical being with magnetic geometries and auric shields.

Geometry forms angles. Telepathy hears angels. Auras drink energy. 

Storms are condensations of stuck energy, set to discharge and deform, impelled to ground in areas that stabilize its atomic orbitals.

Can storms be influenced by biological energy?

Can storms be weakened by thought-field, fifth-force power?

Can 5 auras sip 4 storms?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Energy Field During a Geomagnetic Storm

1. Use the thought-field power of 1: MAGNETISM (you can change the thoughts you attract as a single, self-generator, “me” and “I”)

2. Use the thought-field power of 2: POLARITY (you can question the actions of other self-generators, “you”, “it”, “we” and “they”)

3. Use the thought-field power of 3: BOND (glue to the thoughts that fill your orbitals)

4. Use the thought-field power of 4: FORMULATE (define your free orbitals, recognize when your electron-neutrons are unbound and unattached)

5. Use the thought-field power of 5: OVERTONE (know the fifth-force frequencies, the fundamental power of silent meditation, subatomic visualization and be the power of dimensional pulsars encoded by Vela)

Cosmic electricity is solar electricity. Solar electricity is bioelectricity. 

Humans are at the center of four forces of nature, as THE FIFTH FORCE. Animals have minds but humans have thoughts. Animals have energy but humans have power.

Humans are animals with angelic powers. 

Events on Earth are directed by the sun and understood by humans who can think with light.

Events on the sun, Velatropa 24, are directed by the galaxy and understood by humans who can speak with sound.

Events in the galaxy are directed by the local galactic neighborhoods and understood by humans who can read, calculate, and know the power of imagination.

When the sun outbursts x-rays, ultraviolet rays, and other frequencies from its spectra, high-energy photons are sent to Earth.

These particles are discrete packets of interstellar information and humans can download these frequencies into his, her and their auric fields.

If you understand that the sun is a star within a family of stars and that you, as an Electromagnetic Being within a family of humans, each having auras, containing layers upon layers of thought-field energies, then you and your others can entrain with the local star mind of Velatropa 24 and shield any frequency that is destructive and steals your energy.

Every thought emits a mental-electron-neutron following the path of 6 electronic lines of positive-dharma and 6 electronic lines of negative-karma.

Every photon contains its inverse in solar electricity: Kemio-Photon-Phiton particles (light energy).

Every electron contains its inverse in cosmic electricity: Ion-Dion-Electron channels (kinetic energy).

Stay tuned for upcoming lessons from The 441 Journal. Learn more about the five forces of nature, quantified partons, the Holomind Perceiver, radial plasmas, Pleiadean physics, solar electricity, geomagnetism and the interstellar life of cosmic humans.

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Translated By: CCW.Kin163

Transmitted By: JOTH, Jaymeus Ottokar Thunderhawk II

NS1.36.5, Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance, Gamma 5.17 — Third Eye Chakra — Kin 42, White Electric Wind — “I activate in order to communicate, bonding breath” — Friday, December 1, 2023

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