NEW PODCAST EPISODE - Episode 3 - TropaVerse Tokenomics 
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NEW PODCAST EPISODE - Episode 3 - TropaVerse Tokenomics 

27.10.23 11:27 AM By Mallory K LLC

S1Ep3: NFT Case Study - The Integrated Smart City 

Check out the newest episode from TropaVerse Tokenomics. 

Here's a sneak preview of CCW.Kin163's report!

Good Evening Velatropa,

This is your Digital-DJ and Crystal Correspondent Chelsea B, transmitting from Beta-Beta, Station 4 on the 441-SB52 Radio Network.

For the next two nights, our channel will be transmitting a special broadcast from the world of NFTs. This report is a lead-in before our network re-releases the live narration of Story 2 in the Kar Dual Galactic Adventures, When Time IS Energy.

Before the narration begins, let’s take a quick look at the circuits that power NFT transactions and how they are currently being used in virtual spaces and then shift our frame and see how they could be used in the TropaVerse. 

Remember NFTs are non-fungible tokens but this report is not focused on fungibility or non-fungibility. We are focusing on electricity.


Leading us into our focus, …

I want to share several insights on the latest interview our network released earlier this week. 

The interview was published in an article in the AA Midway Scientific Arcturian magazine and the conversations were conducted by one of my co-workers at Station 1 of the 441-SB52 Radio Network. 

Side note:...Station 1 is the Alpha-Alpha Station. 

Station 4…which I am the main correspondent for, is the Beta-Beta Station. 

And the AA Midway, our media management group, are the executives, the Arcturus-Antares moguls. 

But, listeners, this IS too much to explain at the moment. I merely want to establish the context for the hierarchy of this business, how this interview began and why the conversations are happening. 

Let’s get back to the main review.

So, in the interview, the journalist, who asked the questions, is the Unknown Author. 

There were two individuals being interviewed, a University Professor of Physics, the Dean of Mathematics, from a metropolis, a major city in the United States of America, native to Planet Earth and a University student majoring in Radiosonic Engineering from a school on Arcturus, a major intergalactic base in the Velatropa sector. The student is an underground street artist, known as The Alchemist, JOTH, but his legal name, recognized by the Noocracy, is Jaymeus Ottokar Thunderhawk II. 

In this interview, JOTH was eager to recognize the accomplishments of his sister and to bring awareness to how circuits of NFT technology could be fused with nanofibers, micron valences and time-energy transductions from The Grid.

He shared that microgrids could be designed using the methods of Radiosonic Engineering, Arcturian Architectonics and holonomic applications of base-60 mathematics to transfer time-energy from The Grid into quantized, hypercubic partons in a DuKu Box. 

DuKu, not doo-doo. 

Doo-doo is brown.

DuKu is red, blue, yellow, white and green.

It harnesses power from the Fifth Force of nature.

He was very adamant that future readers of the article understood this difference in chromatics. 

DuKu was short for Duar-Kuali, Dum-Duar particles, Dum-Kuali particles and the DuKu Box was a particle-physics prototype manufactured and shipped by the Velatropa Funding Group, VTFG’s local distribution centers. 

The DuKu Box enabled time-energy transductions of centralized, heptocubic partons inside of six particles of cosmic electricity.

The electron wave-particle, the neutron wave-particle, the dum kuali wave-particle, the dum duar wave-partcile, the kemio wave-particle and the kum wave-particle

All six particle-waves sharing the energy of 7.

These energy-waves also known as time-waves or scalar energy convert hungry dipole, closed-loop circuits of low-spatial energy and virtual photons, orbiting the structures and streets of urban cities, into the high-time energy of hyperplasmic, heptocubic neutronios, flows of ions-dions-positrons-phitons-strang rays-bultico rays, heat-light-light-heat overflowing in dipole, open-loop, overunity circuits potentiated by the power of 6 as a factor and a sum, 7 geometric sets of binary triplets.

The numbers create electrical geometries. 

Electricity is not created by Maxwellian engineering but by numerical orders of magnitude, scaling up and scaling down. 

The electricity is stored as paranormal capacitors and bioelectric batteries providing endless, clean, renewable energy at holonomic power stations with molecular machines designed as Cold Fusion-Motionless Electromagnetic Generators. 

It harnesses the  power of RANG…not BANG….but RANG… 

The Big RANG. 

Listen to the full episode on the below podcast player to learn more about The Big RANG and The Smart City!

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