How to Design A Noosphere Node: Mode 1 
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How to Design A Noosphere Node: Mode 1 

23.10.23 11:00 PM By Mallory K LLC

Author: Chelsea B. , Leading Contributor and Chief Editor of MK MediaVoice

Words are Vibrational Pointers for States of Competence  

Today is Silio 4.7.

Silio is the name of a radial plasma, located at the center of the Heart chakra. Silio is also the name for the seventh day of the heptad. 

Regardless of when you read this post, you are reading at a particular moment in time, in a specific point in space, informed by a particular chakra and a specific heptad.

A chakra is a wheel of bioelectric energy. A heptad is a cycle of seven consecutive days. These words, radial plasma, chakra, heptad and Silio, constitute the terminology used in the 13 Moon Calendar, defined by the principles of Cosmic Science, precepts of the Law of Time and follows the harmonic trajectory of Cosmic History. (to learn more about the Noosphere, the 19 modes and the purpose of a Node, read this Post)

To design your Noosphere Node with higher modes of functioning, it helps to use a set of new words.

Words are vibrational pointers for states of competence.

The word, calendar, is a vibrational frequency for two opposite frames of reference. There is a mind speeding at the constant, 12:60 frequency, measuring 12 months in a solar year and 60 seconds in a mechanical clock. Then, there is a mind speeding at the constant, 13:20 frequency, measuring 13 moons in a solar-galactic year and 20 digits of bioelectric energy. 

At present, we are exploring the 4th moon of the total, 13 moons.

The 4th moon is the Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form. The mission of these 28 days, the number equivalent to one complete cycle of the moon's orbit around the Earth, is to be like the owl, attuning to society's secrets using our powers of echolocation and nocturnal navigation, decoding subliminal whispers within mass media and defining new forms to service our planet.

The planet has a mind. It is knowable through the Noosphere. 

To design the first function of your Noosphere Node, switch on Mode 1. 

Find your hands. Find your feet. 

Count your fingers. Count your toes and accept your role as a DotBar Mathlete.

image reference: Human Holon

Noosphere Node: 

Mode 1 - Unity of DotBar Mathletes

listen to a Dotbar Mathlete: TropaVerse Tokenomics

If you were a healthy baby and have continued to be blessed with and able to use five fingers on your left hand, five fingers on your right hand, five toes on your left foot and five toes on your right foot, at the same time, to transform your environment, then you have the necessary tools for being a DotBar Mathlete.

Traditional mathletes count with only one side of their body, dominant on either the right-hand, right-foot and right-brain as a Whole-Systems, Visually Literate Imagineer or dominant on the left-hand, left-foot and left-brain as a Logical, Verbally Literate Language Engineer.

Mathematics is both a visual symbol and a logical language.

Mathematics is both a whole set of equations using functions of real numbers, imaginary numbers, irrational numbers and complex numbers as well as discrete, logical fields of Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus, applying lower-level or higher-level symbols to manage, form and insert meaning into industries.

Which industries require math?

The industry that you currently work in.

Which type of mathlete defines the forms and symbols in the industry that give you a paycheck?

Is your manager a Traditional Mathlete?

Is your coworker a DotBar Mathlete?

Is your employee neither or both?

Is your corporation neither or both?

Does the form of your Node create dissonance?

Can your Node create resonance?

Are you able to fuse-multiply, add and divide as a single, indivisible product of Primes?


In Lakesh

I Am Another You

-Artist, CCW.Kin163

NS1.36.4.7, Silio 4.7 - Heart Chakra, Kin 4, Yellow Self-Existing Seed - Gateway Family - Root Chakra (Planet Chakra - Open the Portals) - Bioregional Ecozone 4 - Yellow Seed Zone - The Innocent One 

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