DotBar Mathletes: 19 Modes for Your Noosphere Node
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DotBar Mathletes: 19 Modes for Your Noosphere Node

17.10.23 07:58 PM By Mallory K LLC

Author: Chelsea B. , Moonly Review: NS1.36.3, Silio 3.28, Heart Chakra, Kin 257, Red Planetary Earth, Heart Chakra

Silio 3.28 is the last day of the Electric Deer Moon of Service

My service is to communicate higher information and discover boundless potentials for people and our society. 

During this Moon, I have released various podcast episodes. 

Check out TropaVerse Tokenomics here: Listen to the Podcast

The purpose of the podcast is to create new narratives for Americans to attune to.

As the podcasts continue to link onto ongoing conversations from collective units, there are mathematical messages waiting to be deciphered from our internal algorithms and security systems. 

Our internal algorithms are written by our dreams. 

As we become more aware of what we are dreaming, interpreting symbols, numbers, colors, characters and events, our superconscious programming can decode the essence of what is being communicated and begin to write new scenarios. 

Our physical bodies do not dream. Our physical bodies sleep. 

Our astral bodies dream the life of emotions. Our mental bodies dream the life of thoughts. Our spiritual bodies are electrical fluids, animating life as emotions and thoughts connected to a physical body.

Our physical bodies are from the Earth. 

But the Earth is more than a physical sphere that brings every tool and resource that humanity needs. Our Earth is a container for invisible thoughts and living emotions. 

These thoughts and emotions are stored in a collective container, a sphere known as the Noosphere. 

What is the Noosphere?

Noos is a Greek word, “nous” meaning “mind” and “sphere” is anything that is contained in a shell or layer.

To rewrite the algorithms within the collective nervous system of humanity, build a Noosphere Node. 

What is a Noosphere Node?

A Noosphere Node is a nucleus of living intelligence, transmitting and receiving information according to its unique geomagnetic location. Every point has a unique vibration that holds “astral memory bundles” that can be downloaded and used in your everyday life.

By interacting with a new sphere of intelligence, we become aware of an interconnected network, beyond the internet, an Inner Light Web, able to interpret new information for what we, as humans, can be capable of.

Your node releases knowledge locked inside an astral library. Through your node’s intention, as a group of three or more people, serving as DotBar Mathletes, you collectively play the game of DotBar Dream-Catching. The locks are opened and the group’s intention enables downloads of higher information, from beyond the planet, surrounding your bioregional geomagnetic ecozone.

What is a DotBar Mathlete?

Anyone who is

  • Able to count and think

  • Able to add, subtract, multiply and divide 

  • Able to translate the image of one dot as the number, 1

  • Able to translate the image of two dots as the number, 2

  • Able to translate the image of three dots as the number, 3

  • Able to translate the image of four dots as the number, 4

  • Able to translate the image of one bar as the number, 5

  • Able to translate the image of two bars as the number, 10

  • Able to count from 0 to 19 and add the number, 1, to see the number, 20

  • Following the daily codes of the 13 Moon/28 Day Synchronometer

  • Calculating the daily numbers in the HMP441 matrix 

What are the Steps for Practicing DotBar Dream-Catching?

  1. Form a Noosphere Node 

    1. Nodes can range from 3 people to a max of 21 people.

    2. Register your Node and choose your location on the Planet Grid

      1. Take Me to the Registration Form

  2. Keep a Journal 

    1. Your daily dreams

    2. Your daily visions

    3. Your synchronicities 

    4. Dates of when things happen

  3. Join one of the DotBar Dream-Catchers Weekly Meetings and share with the CCW Node. Once the CCW Node reaches its max of 21 people, consider creating a Node of your own and starting weekly meetings to share with your group. Click here to find the meetings:

  4. Determine a spokesperson for the node. This person will consolidate key themes from dreams, visions and synchronicities and forward them to the MK Team. During our Quarterly MK E-Mag, we will release final reports. For the first report, we will need all of your submissions by December 7, 2023. Your submissions will contribute to ongoing Quarterly reports. The first report will be released on December 14, 2023. The second report will be released on February 17, 2024. The third report will be released on April 23, 2024. The fourth report will be released on June 27, 2024. 

  5. Intention is the mission. Allow intuition to guide your process and recognize that your specific location contains a treasure of memory waiting to be accessed. 

20 Bioregional Ecozones on the Planet Grid 

Ecozone 1: Red Dragon Zone              

Ecozone 2: White Wind Zone                    

Ecozone 3: Blue Night Zone                       

Ecozone 4: Yellow Seed Zone             

Ecozone 5: Red Serpent Zone        

Ecozone 6: White Worldbridger Zone  

Ecozone 7: Blue Hand Zone                   

Ecozone 8: Yellow Star Zone          

Ecozone 9: Red Moon Zone           

Ecozone 10: White Dog Zone         

Ecozone 11: Blue Monkey Zone            

Ecozone 12: Yellow Human Zone   

Ecozone 13: Red Skywalker Zone  

Ecozone 14: White Wizard Zone           

Ecozone 15: Blue Eagle Zone                  

Ecozone 16: Yellow Warrior Zone    

Ecozone 17: Red Earth Zone            

Ecozone 18: White Mirror Zone             

Ecozone 19: Blue Storm Zone               

Ecozone 20: Yellow Sun Zone  


19 Modes for Your Noosphere Node

Mode 1: Unity of DotBar Mathletes 

Mode 2: Polarity of Neutrino Physics and Neutronio Physics

Mode 3: Bonding of Literate and Illiterate 

Mode 4: Forms of Biology 

Mode 5: Forms of Colors 

Mode 6: Rhythms of Music

Mode 7: Resonance of Information 

Mode 8: Models of Information 

Mode 9: Intention of Information

Mode 10: Pulsar Geometries on Planet Earth

Mode 11: Particle Bonding in the Ionosphere 

Mode 12: Narratives in Local Media 

Mode 13: Narratives in Local Star Constellations 

Mode 14: Numbers in Circulation 

Mode 15:Organizations and Businesses in Orbits 

Mode 16: Questions in Orbit 

Mode 17: Local Weather 

Mode 18: Global Weather

Mode 19: Space Weather

Mode 0: Inner Lightning 


As the Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form begins, pay attention to information, colors and shapes. 

The owl is mysterious. 

The owl is a messenger from the sky. 

Attune to the frequencies of the owl and define the forms of your highest service. 

Boost your Dream Interpreting skills by joining an MK Dream Alchemy Workshop. 

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Join a DotBar Dream-Catchers Weekly Meeting and share with the CCW Node.

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Join this free workshop to learn more about the HMP441 matrix and vigesimal mathematics.

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