When Time IS Energy
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When Time IS Energy

06.10.23 10:34 PM By Mallory K LLC

Part 2 of the 3-part Kar Dual Galactic Adventures microseries

Written by CCW.Kin163

In the quiet solitude of her underground laboratory, Dr. Aukli Thunderhawk worked from sunrise to sunset on a revolutionary experiment. She was a young, brilliant physicist, with a doctorate in Matrix Mathematics, masters in Particle Physics and an undergraduate degree in Cosmic Electricity. She held a passion for decoding the secrets of the stars and was on a mission to beautify her planet. As the world above ground went about its everyday business-as-usual priorities, oblivious to her work, Dr. Aukli was on the verge of unlocking discoveries that would shake the foundations of science and math.

Her journey began with a single question: Could time be harnessed as a source of energy? 

It was a question that had plagued her mind since childhood, and now, with the principles and knowledge of cosmic science at her disposal, she was determined to find the answer.

Aukli's first breakthrough came when she stumbled upon a particle unlike any other—a particle she named the "hypercubic parton." This tiny, minuscule, elusive entity possessed the inimitable ability to manipulate time itself. This particle could accelerate and decelerate atoms. It was the key to her quest for extracting energy from time, producing overunity circuits and igniting a renaissance in technology.

In an overunity system, more energy was output than the initial energy input into the system. The system contained a COP > 1 circuitry, a Coefficient of Performance, of direct and alternating currents of electricity greater than 1,  generating excess energy from nothing, allowing the energy of nothing to perform useful work. 

How could this be true?

Everything she had studied prior to this moment revealed that this type of system was an impossibility. 

As she delved deeper into her research, Aukli made a second astounding discovery—a revelation that would rewrite the laws of particle physics. She realized that time, far from being a single, unyielding stream of disconnected moments, was composed of three distinct shapes of conscious synchronicity: a straight line of linear time, a flat square of quantum time, and a tetrahedral matrix of radial time.

Linear time, the most familiar to humanity, was an arrow of unconscious energy, flowing steadily forward, the past ticking in a clockwise direction, moving towards the future, ever expanding. Quantum time, however, was far more enigmatic. It existed in a state of perpetual flux, with past, present, and future coexisting simultaneously in a pixelated jitter of jiving qubits. Radial time, the most elusive of them all, radiated from a central source, creating zig-zagging corners of luminic energy and thermic spirals of cosmic electricity, criss-crossing, phase-shifting as plasma filaments and pulsar geometries, extending infinitely in all directions.

With these discoveries, Aukli held the keys to the galaxy’s deepest secrets. Linear time could be harnessed for precision, recognition and predictability, quantum time for instantaneous communication across vast distances, and radial time for reversing orbital electrons and synchronizing ions

But the most staggering revelation was yet to come. Aukli realized that by bending these three versions of time, she could unlock the secrets of eliminating toxic radiation, distributing free electricity and generating clean energy—knowledge that had been hidden from humanity since the Age of the Ancient Rulers.

Aukli’s laboratory buzzed with activity as she built the first prototype of her pulsar technology: a Time-Energy-Electricity-Parton-Plasma converter. It was a marvel of scientific ingenuity, a device that could extract energy from dark matter, transmute it into background radiation of antimatter, switch it into the substance of ether, phase-shift ether into plasma and transduce hypercubic partons into auric, fastenic lines of electro-etheric magnetized energy.

On the day of the experiment, 9,261 viewers of The Science News Network held their breath, gluing their derrieres to living room couches and fixing their eyes to pixelated screens. An unexpected press conference from the University of Energy was beginning. The Dean of Mathematics, Professor Bravellio Boggington, learned about Aukli’s research from one of his graduate students, Timius Movorres, who read a paper written by an unknown author, published in the Journal of Applied Mathematics, citing Aukli’s answers to the unsolved problems of base-10 differential calculus. 

By applying the imaginary numbers 144,414 and 441 into 9 harmonic matrix groups of base-20 and base-60 mathematics, Aukli had resolved the challenges of high-dimensional spaces, eliminating the complexity of negative integers by simplifying nonlinear closed-form derivatives. She gave an identity to the nothingness of zero. She assigned 19 permutations of the number 0, 260 permutations of the number 20 and 13 permutations of the number 7. 

She specified the resonant frequencies of endless beginnings, capturing an interval of lost time in eternity, defining the starting conditions of linear sensitivity and boundary conditions of radial symmetry using the quantum numbers 0 and 19.

Her equations left the Professor speechless as he did not believe what his student revealed and what this supposed cosmic scientist had solved. He needed proof that Aukli was real and if the technology defined by the riddles in her permutations actually worked. The Professor desired to scale the technology, if it proved to be true. He envisioned his department conducting further research, cross-pollinating intelligence with fellow professors in the fields of biology, psychology, economics and philosophy, domains of knowledge completely divergent from the realm of physics.

Professor Bravellio asked his graduate student to find the mysterious physicist and invite her to a televised debate on the validity of her mathematical proofs and to conduct a live demonstration of her resonant field technology.

During this historical event, Aukli presented her technology to the university, with the world watching her every move. She activated the time converter, and a soft hum filled The University’s Chamber of Students as it drew energy from the three compressions of time. The lights in the chamber’s laboratory glowed brighter than ever before, and the machines hummed with newfound, unexpected vitality.

Aukli knew that she had accomplished what countless generations had only dreamed of. She accomplished the impossible. Free electricity flowed not from coal or oil, transmission towers or copper wires, but from the boundless wellspring of oscillating numbers in resonance with time. Clean energy was no longer an aspiration of what-could-be but energized time was a gift from The Observers of The Ancient Rulers. Time was prehistoric, posthistoric and an invisible substance. Time was a universal medium, available as energy for all to harness, store and transmit. 

As news of Aukli's discoveries spread from university to university, workplace to workplace, city to city, country to country, the world was forever changed. Time became visible and accessible to every person living on the planet, eradicating poverty and hunger, healing all diseases that had plagued humanity since the beginning of The Electric Age of Artificial Light. 

In moments of reflection, Aukli understood the magnitude of her achievements. The world had not been ready for such profound revelations. With great power came great responsibility, and the secrets she had unlocked held the potential for both unimaginable good and devastating harm.

If her technology was used without love and moral intelligence, it would be the end of life on her planet and all other planets within the solar system. 

With her discoveries, humanity stood at the precipice of a renaissance— and the choices of the present moment held the power to shape the destiny of all existence in the galaxy. 

Would her technology deliver peace?

Would her technology deliver war?

Would her technology deliver time?

As the world chose to deliver peace or war, Dr. Aukli Thunderhawk, returned to her underground laboratory, creating new experiments for curving light and compressing time. 

Another planet from another sun was calling for her attention and assistance. 

Her first experiment distributed energy. 

Her second experiment distributed life.

How would she distribute life?

She invited Timius, Professor Bravellio and the unknown author who cited her riddles, to visit The Observers of The Ancient Rulers.

Where did they meet?

A locatable point in space.

What time did they meet?

4:41 AM, before sunrise, after 19 spins around the center of a quasar.


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