9 Days to Go [12 Altruistic Inspired Articles]  - GET READY for the Pets, Friends and Kin Readathon ROUND 1!
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9 Days to Go [12 Altruistic Inspired Articles]  - GET READY for the Pets, Friends and Kin Readathon ROUND 1!

08.11.23 06:26 AM By Mallory K LLC

Day 4 of Our Readathon Countdown

Author: MK Cares Team

Curated Reading Lists: 12 Articles Before 12PM 

Check out these articles that inspire altruistic action and economic equality. 

Share them with your friends. 

You may want to read one or more during the Readathon!

Article 1: 

This Year's Physics Nobel Awards Scientists for Slicing Reality into Attoseconds

Main Topic: Space and Physics

Subtopic: Particle Physics 

Author: Daniel Garisto, based in New York



“While femtosecond lasers can be used to closely monitor chemical reactions, attosecond pulses are so precise that they can be used to nudge the electrons themselves, potentially eliciting a shift from passive observation to active control of chemistry on unprecedented scales. Attosecond pulses can even control the properties of solids, turning an insulator into a conductor and back again in a flash.”

Action: Ride the wave of joyful play; flicker into 60-second frames of attosecond flashes.

Article 2: 

Memphis workshops nurture entrepreneurial dreams with a focus on overcoming challenges”

Main Topic: Business

Subtopic: Small Business Development 

Author: NaShawn Branch, based in Tennessee 

Source: MemphisInno

Action: Nurture your idea for building products that help humanity

Article 3: 

City officials discuss ways to improve pathways for Black-owned businesses in Memphis”

Main Topic: Economics

Subtopic: Black-Owned Businesses 

Author: Neil Strebig, native of Pittsburg 

Source: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2023/10/11/black-owned-businesses-in-memphis-heartland-forward-report/71146873007/

Action: Identify resources that uplift Black-business owners to inspire multigenerational, multicultural,intrafamily wealth.

Article 4: 

Memphis will continue to grow thanks to Black entrepreneurs, but they need support”

Main Topic: Business

Subtopic: Black-Owned Businesses 

Authors: Andre Fowlkes, based in Memphis and Jonas Crews, based in Arkansas 

Source: Commercial Appeal

Action: Bridge the digital divide between the self-employed and the other-employed.

Article 5: 

“The wood talks to him”

Main Topic: Art 

Subtopic: Wood-Carving 

Author: Mark Randall, contributor for Mississippi news 

Source: Desoto Times

Action: Find a random piece of driftwood near the river; learn to carve it and give it a home. 

Article 6: 

“Artist discovers new joy in “happy accidents” of mosaic glass art”

Main Topic: Art 

Subtopic: Glass on Glass Mosaic Art 

Author: Mark Randall, contributor for Mississippi news 

Source: Desoto Times

ActionPrevent depression by creating art; invest in self-expression that repurposes broken materials. 

Article 7:

More than half of Kentucky students are below grade level in math, reading skills

Main Topic: Education 

Subtopic: Low Literacy 

Author: Austin Schick, contributor for Kentucky news 

Source: Spectrum News 1

Action: Counter pandemic learning loss by reeducating parents and students on the four levels of active reading and developing dotbar mathletes

Article 8: 

“Louisville teen helps make AI more accessible for students”

Main Topic: Artificial Intelligence 

Subtopic: Teenager-Led Nonprofits 

Author: Juliet Gahan, contributor for Kentucky news 

Source: Spectrum News 1

Action: Spiritualize AI to vitalize local communities and bridge the divide between young programmers and corporate executives. 

Article 9: 

“Bookstore magic: Local shop shares love of physical books”

Main Topic: Human Interests

Subtopic: Bookstores 

Author: Ryan Hayes-Owens, contributor for Kentucky news 

Source: Spectrum News 1

Action: Go to your local library or bookshop and feel the love of learning.

Article 10: 

“Book benches showcasing art, inspiring literacy unveiled in Covington”

Main Topic: Art 

Subtopic: Inspiring Literacy 

Author: Katie Forcade, contributor for Kentucky news 

Source: Spectrum News 1

Action: Showcase the art of local artists; bring a book to life by transforming a bench. 

Article 11:

“Huntsville hosts town hall geared toward Hispanic community concerns”

Main Topic: Politics 

Subtopic: Growing Hispanic Communities 

Author: Unidentified contributor for Alabama news  

Source: https://www.huntsvilleal.gov/huntsville-hosts-town-hall-geared-toward-hispanic-community-concerns/

Action: Encourage hispanic and latino residents to share their voices; weakening the language-barriers to strengthen multicultural bonding. 

Article 12:

Meet Esther Veras: Hispanic Excellence in NASA’s Small Business Space”

Main Topic: Business 

Subtopic: Hispanic Contractors 

Author: Garrett Shea, contributor for NASA news 

Source: https://www.nasa.gov/organizations/osbp/meet-esther-veras-hispanic-excellence-in-nasas-small-business-space/

Action: Celebrate the contributions of hispanics in America to inspire young immigrants to be self-employed, self-sufficient leaders and thinkers. 

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