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Be Gentle With Me is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Huntsville, Alabama, with a dual mission. They are dedicated to revitalizing economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in minority communities across the USA by supporting local artists, providing them with resources to make a sustainable living through their art, and showcasing their creative work. 

Simultaneously, BGWM focuses on promoting mental health awareness and improvement within these communities, thereby helping to reduce crime, alleviate poverty rates, and address homelessness.




State of Alabama


Providing Resources to Emerging Artists

Committed to helping artists grow by providing essential tools, equipment, personal development and other resources. From paintbrushes to grants and mentorship, they equip artists with what they need to excel in their creative journey.

Decreasing Homelessness

Committed to addressing homelessness in the state of AL. They provide essential resources and support to homeless individuals, including shelter, meals, and access to critical services. 

Improving Mental Health

Providing workshops, one-on-one sessions, call-ins, tips and other resources for increasing awareness and providing access to practice strengthening their mental well-being and emotional stability.

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